Saturday, January 3, 2015

Look Down || 2015

I recently had the pleasure of completing number 13 on my bucket list this past week. Which if you can guess by the picture above, was me visiting the CN Tower. It was an amazing experience and it was definitely well overdue. Initially getting in the elevator and going up the tower, it was like seeing something for the first time. I could easily see out over the whole city and my thoughts were in a swirl of honest astonishment. It wasn't until I walked out unto the lookout deck that my breath was really taken away. Imagine looking out into your city from your bedroom window; then again from a birds eye view. The difference in perspective alone was mind boggling.

What made the experience that much more amazing was the glass floor. For anyone that hasn't been to the CN Tower before let me explain. There is a portion of the ground that is entirely glass. I kid you not, you can walk out unto this glass and look down to see the city below you. As I watched people around me struggling to walk across the glass, I couldn't help but tune in to their friend's words of advice to get them get across. "Just don't look down!" 

As I took my walk across the glass, I realized I couldn't help but look down. And although it did  make the walk a bit harder ( my knees were shaking people), I'm glad I did it. I got to see a view that many people will never experience and all because I was brave enough to look down. I'm about to get philosophical on you so here it goes: as you walk through life there are many moments where it feels as thought the ground below you could shatter at any moment. This creates such a deep feeling of fear in us that our primary focus becomes walking so quickly across these moments. Instead of looking down over all the amazing we're passing over, all we care about is staring straight ahead to the finish line. This year I want to challenge you , me and everyone else to look down. Don't be so quick to overlook the amazing things your going through in life  just because at any moment it might shatter around you.  Because what's life without risk, right?