Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Do. Or Not Do.

Millions of people find comfort in the words of  beloved fictional movie characters. Now this may sound silly but most times these movies result in some pretty inspirational quotes. 

This quote from the infamous Yoda happens to be one of my favorite movie lines. The reason I love this quote so much is because it holds so much power in the words. Think about it, whenever you've ask someone to do something for you and they've said "I'll try" aren't you the least bit annoyed? I know I am and the reason bieng is that when we say the words "I'll try" we're implying that we're going to "half-ass" something. Now if that be the case, then what is the point in doing that task in the first place. I mean it just seems to me that you should either go all in or none at all. 

If many of us applied ourselves more in life by using this principle, I could assure you that we would live our lives everyday feeling more fulfilled. No before I start sounding all "motivational speaker-like" I'll close by saying this: If what your doing is really of importance you'll do it and not "just try".


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