Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Keeps You Going

Life. One crazy roller coaster, filled with thrills and chills. Around each bend there is yet another mystery. Whether it will be a high point or a low dip the rider will never truly know. Everything seems to be going so smooth one second and the next it seems like the track is so bumpy you'll be derailed. Sounds scary right ? That's because it is. Life is fear, it's sorrow, it's sadness and so many more negatives. Now before you leave this blog thinking the world is the worst place ever keep reading. HOWEVER, Life is happiness, it's laughter, hope and joy. You see Life is a whirlwind of emotions and much like a roller coaster the best way to keep going is the passengers you bring along. My family and my friends are what keep me going on this crazy coaster called Life. When you find what keeps you going you'll feel like you can take on the darkest days. And when you find what keeps you going your brightest days will be that much brighter. So my word of advice - next time you're on one of Life's low points remember what keeps you going and I promise things will go that little bit faster.


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