Tuesday, October 15, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge -Day 15

Today's Topic:
"Rank Of My Favorite Social Media's" 

 Yes, I ranked Facebook number one. I know
a lot of social media sites have come out since then but idk...I just like
it okay lol

Next, would have to be Instagram. Mainly because I'm a very
visual person and quite frankly Instagram is all visuals. Gotta love it <3

 I absolutely love YouTube because it's always good for a laugh, a how-to
or yet another viral video sensation. 
 And last but certainly not least Twitter. I love Twitter because you can count on a meaningful quote to be shared, or a hilarious joke or even just a group of people watching the
same award show. 

Let me know how you rank these social media's in the comment section below. 
And you can connect with me by clicking on the photos above :) 
Later dayz lovelies.