Wednesday, October 16, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 16

Today's Topic: 
"My Views On Mainstream Music"

Hello and Hi there :) Thanks for joining me today and now I shall ramble about what I think about mainstream music. Please bare with me, as I have no real direction as to where I want this post to go.

First off, I have no real problems with mainstream music, other than the times that "they" try and shove materialism down the throats of the public. But I mean if you have any will power of your own you wouldn't allow yourself to be brain-washed. On the other hand maybe that's the point, to see a different perception of  life's importance factors from another human eyes and immerse yourself in it. And who is "they" anyways, is it the artist; the record company; or is it some unknown force people like to pin as the Illuminati....

I feel as though most times when an artist goes big, some tend to forget about what artistry is really about. And then what does the point become, selling the most records? No i'm not anti-mainstream, i'm fact far from it actually. But what I will say is true lyricists are hard to find nowadays.

Peace :)

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