Thursday, October 3, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 3

Today's Topic:
"Drugs and Alcohol"

Hey blog peeps. 
So today's topic is pretty straight forward in my eyes.  *Side Note* These are my thoughts and feelings and I ( in no way) expect anyone to whole heartily agree with me. Now having said this let's jump in. 

Personally I don't agree with taking drugs in any sense. Not to say that I condemn people who may do those things because no one is free to judge anyone else on this earth. However, what I will say is that drugs seem to do more negative than any conceivable good. Now if that is the case, what would be the point in taking them. I can tell you from first hand experience I've seen too many friends and family get messed up badly by taking drugs and I just don't see it being worth it. 

Okay so onward to alcohol. I myself live in Canada, so I'm definitely not drinking age {which doesn't stop most people lol ;) } until another year. However, what I will say is that if your of age to drink, you have a designated driver then do it if you want. It's all about having fun but keeping in mind your safety. Life is about enjoying gluttony in moderation. 

In the end all I can say is "Do you Boo !" who am I to judge. 
Chao for now and I'll see y'all tomorrow.

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