Sunday, November 10, 2013

Contemplating Future Purchases

Hello my blog peeps :) 
This post shall be about some purchases that I'm looking to make in the near future. I say near future because since coming to the states I haven't been working but I will start on the first of December. Therefore, I'll finally have some financial freedom lol . So let's jump in.

1. I'm looking into getting another camera but I want 
this one to be a Polaroid type of camera. I've looked
at a few reviews and I've decided upon the camera
above. It's about 60 bucks so pretty good in my mind.

*the next two aren't really objects

2. I've been wanting to do a drastic change to my hair 
for quite some time now. I've been looking around on Instagram
and Tumblr, so I've decided upon a color change.But because
my hair isn't the strongest I'd most likely be getting some
clip-in extensions and dying those red.


3. Most people that know me, know that live by the mantra
"Live.Laugh.Love". Recently I've been considering getting that
mantra tattooed on either my wrist or the side of my arm.
Those are my two text design inspirations. I will most likely do this 
when I get back to Canada for my birthday in August. 

So that's all for today's post. Let me know what you think of my purchase ideas and let me know some of your's. Also if any of you know a good tattoo shop's in the GTA area in Canada let me know please :)
Have a blessed Sunday night, bye for now.

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