Friday, November 29, 2013


Hello peeps.
Sorry I've been away for a bit but this post will attempt to update y'all on everything.
*This post idea is brought to you by SweetsWithFreaks


Reading - My blogger news feed. I have to stay updated in the realm of blogging lol
Writing -  Well this post duh :P
Watching - Judge Judy. She is extremely rude but it's a guilty pleasure of mine.
Listening -  Well the last played song on my phone was "Never Too Much" by Luther Vandross. His voice is like butter honestly *melts alittle
Eating - Left over Thanksgiving goodies :) Plus I had some waffles from IHOP today,*yeah you're jealous lol
Smelling - Maple syrup, I think I might have unknowingly got some on my scarf. *yeah, I eat kinda messy lol
Wearing - A sweater, infinity scarf and my pajama pants #staywarm
Loving - These new heals that I bought today during my Black Friday shopping :) Take a look 
Wanting - A new camera honestly. I'm looking into getting an instant film camera, as well as a digital slr camera.
Needing - To find a school in my new area to take an entrance exam 
Thinking - About how twisted people can be sometimes *keep in mind i'm now watching Dr. Phil on TV lol 
Hoping - My brother and my mother come to visit me at Christmas
Wishing - I would follow my own advice sometimes
Dreaming - About one day traveling the world
Feeling - Blessed :) I had a great thanksgiving yesterday with my family and I'm glad that the true essence of the holiday (Giving Thanks) wasn't lost

Peace :)

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