Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Makeup Haul

Hello peeps.
First, let me start by saying I was never really into makeup. In fact throughout my four years of  high school I barely wore any at all. However, having said that I will admit that I've recently been inclined to try it out a little more. I mean, this is my year off  school and I did want to embrace new experiences so why not.

Following that train of thought, I decided I would give makeup a try. But then I realized I didn't really have any makeup to "give it a try"  with. And thus brings me to this haul post.

Shany Cosmetics 7 Layer Makeup Kit
Shany Cosmetics 24 Brush Set
NYX eyeliner - in black

I went on amazon and bought a makeup kit, along with some brushes and eyeliner. I heard from numerous people that this was a good beginner kit, so I thought "Why not".
When I think I'm getting good maybe I'll do some tutorials but until then I will keep you guys posted on my new....challenge (For lack of better word) lol 

Peace ;)


  1. When I was younger, I thought makeup was cool. For all four years of high school, I hardly wore it. My mornings were already hectic enough, so doing something awesome with my hair and putting makeup on my face just wasn't a good idea. I had little makeup for proms, but that was basically it.

    Now, I am noticing I am very into lipstick, I actually put "wear red bold lipstick" on my bucket list. I am slowly embracing this girly girl inside of me. :)

    1. Out of all this new experimenting I'm coming to realize the bolder lip colors are actually my favorite. Thanks for your comment :)

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