Friday, November 1, 2013

Neither Condemn Nor Condone Ignorance

Hello beautiful people :)

Today I want to talk a bit about ignorance. 
Now ignorance is described as "A lack of knowledge towards a concept, person or thing". Keeping that in mind, I would conclude that everyone on earth is ignorant is some sense to a few or more things. Some of these ignorance's may be toward popular concepts or people (For instance not knowing who Justin Bieber is lol). The human instinct within all of us is to condemn someone who doesn't know what we may know but I say, why condemn someone for that. Everyone on this earth is ignorant to something or another, so why bad mouth them for it.

On the other hand, in the age in which we are living; where information is available at the touch of a finger; we should not condone ignorance either. We are blessed to have information so readily available to us, so instead of using the cop-out "I didn't know" I challenge you guys to instead say
"Hold on, let me find out". Anyways, that was just a thought I had, let me know if you agree or not :)

Later Dayz

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