Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Gift Ideas - Holiday Edition

Hey peeps!
As you can tell, the holiday season is upon us. What does that mean: GIFTS.
Gifts can definitely be a stressful part of the holiday season, especially if you don't have a lot of money to work with. BUT, fear not because I have just the thing for you.
Here are three DIY Holiday gift ideas that will help a wallet on a budget.

1. "Open When Letters"
This is a great gift for someone on a budget and it's very heartfelt too.
All you need are: an envelope, pen/markers, a lined paper.
On the outside out the envelope write "Open when..." here you can insert whatever emotion you want. For example; open when your sad or open when you miss me.
Then on the lined paper write a letter to the recipient on what you want them to feel or think in those situations. Maybe even an inside joke between the two of you. This gift allows a lot of room for personality.

2. Capture A Moment
You'll need: a photo, picture frame, felt letters and glue (easily found at a dollar store).
For this gift, go through your collection of photo's (We all have some lol) and try and find a picture of you and your gift recipient. When you've found one that you like, take to your favorite picture editing website (I tend to like Photobucket) and add some photo magic :) When you've achieved your desired look, put the photo inside the picture frame and glue some felt letters around the outside of the frame to spell out "Happy Holidays".
This gift is timeless.

3. Cookie's Anyone ?
This gift is pretty simple. Bake a batch of cookies. Here's a great recipeBUT WAIT!  These cookies are not for you, so don't eat them lol Put the batch of cookies in a container and put a holiday bow on the lid. At the bottom of the container tape the recipe you used for these delicious cookies. By doing this, even when the treat is done your gift recipient can make some more and they'll always remember you for it. And there you have it, it's a gift that keeps giving.

So those are my three DIY Holiday Gift Ideas. Something for everyone. I hope this post will help someone out there this Christmas season. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas when it comes :)
*Remember, don't focus to much on the gifts, it's the moments with family and friends that truly matters.*


  1. OMG yes domo. This is exactly what I needed in my life right now. being broke & generous is a tough existence.

    1. LOL glad to help. Every uni student needs gifts that don't break the bank