Friday, February 28, 2014

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Hey Peeps!

A lot of the time, when we are in one area for a long time we get too comfortable. Things that might have once been exciting, become dull and possibly even a chore. When we're comfortable, we also get complaisant. That's when the problems occur; we start being ungrateful of the things we have. I like to call this "The grass is greener" syndrome.  

Well friends, I've diagnosed myself with "The grass is greener" syndrome. You see, i'm from a city in Canada called Brampton. It's not exactly the most fun place in the world but it's where I call home. Usually back home I'm always complaining about how boring Brampton is. And start wishing to live in a place a little more fun. Fast forward to the last couple months, I've been living in Connecticut in the States.  And although I've been having a lot of fun here, I'm still kinda missing home a bit... okay maybe more than a bit.

See people when it really comes down to it, home is where is where the heart is. No matter how boring it may seem, it's still home. On the up side I'll be home in 3 months, so until then I'll have to miss you from a far Canada :) 

Stay Blessed 

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