Sunday, November 2, 2014

Not In Kansas Anymore

Coming to college has been like my own little tornado. Uprooting me from everything I thought was normal and expected. But having been walking down this proverbial yellow brick road now for about two months it's become clear to me that I'm clearly not in Kansas anymore

When I first got to college, I met my roommate. For the purpose of this post let's just refer to her as "Scarecrow". Scarecrow and me were cool at first; I mean not best friends or anything but I figured since we're both walking down this brick road we might as well be on good terms. That was before I took into account that scarecrow's don't generally have a brain and subsequently don't have an understanding of cleaning. Literally guys, I mean if I wasn't for me cleaning the shared spaces of our room I'm pretty sure we might have roaches. 

Eventually my stress level increased when I figured out that the whole "Broke College Student" title was (Excuse my french) some real shit. I mean for real, whatever reservoir of money I had before coming to school is quickly dwindling and to make matters worse I can't seem to get a job for the life of me. And you better believe the school continues to hit me from every angle with all kind of fees.

Every so often when I'm close to a breakdown, I wish so much that I could just click my heels and just go back home. But then I remember how hard I worked to get here and how happy I'm going to be when I make it to the end of this road. It doesn't make all my problems go away but it does help me deal with them a bit more. It just sucks sometimes how much everything sucks. Does that make sense...

Anyways peace for now.


  1. The way you've written this is so good!! It really made me smile :) Aha I can't stand people who don't clean. I feel your pain!

  2. Ugh, sorry that college hasn't been all sunshine and roses so far. Maybe you could surprise your roommate with a pack of Lysol wipes? Best present ever! Haha, keep your head up! This too shall pass!